F5 Character List

Here’s a work-in-progress list of the characters who appear in the Flatiron Five series:

Aidan Smith—Haley’s ex and the man she still believes she loves. She met him on her first day in her new high school after her family moved from New York to a town in Illinois. He went to Chicago for his residency and dumped her to marry another doctor, Krista Olson: when Haley returns for a job interview, she learns that they’ve divorced.

Amy Thornton—an avid reader who lives alone in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, Amy takes some chances after Tyler invites her to be his fake date to his sister’s wedding. She has a Maine Coon cat named Fitzwilliam after Mr. Darcy. (She adopted Fitzwilliam when neighbors moved and left him behind. He adores her.) Tyler and Amy’s book is Simply Irresistible and their first son is born in Going to the Chapel.

Mr. Bernard—the doorman at Lauren’s building, who takes a paternal interest in the tenants there. He later takes the job as the doorman at Flatiron Five’s apartments.

Brad Slater—Haley’s older brother and a firefighter in her hometown, he is married to Katie and in the midst of buying the family home from their mom. They have kids—two girls and a boy—but they aren’t named.

Brittany—Amy’s cousin, Natalie and Tom’s daughter, and the Bridezilla in Simply Irresistible. Her fiancé is Josh, the son of a real estate developer. She took an interior design course and works for her mom. Her bridesmaids are Tamara and Brigid.

Cassie Wilson—one of the original five partners and the one in charge of marketing. Cassie has been in love with Tyler all along and takes it hard when he falls for Amy. She danced as a Rockett at Radio City Music Hall in 2006 and gets a tattoo to commemorate that in In the Midnight Hour. She also gets the first secret heart tattoo from Chynna. Cassie and Reid’s book is Some Guys Have All the Luck and their wedding is in Going to the Chapel.

Colleen (Preston) McKay—Tyler’s mom. Colleen’s older sister, Teresa, is married to Robert and has nine grandchildren. (Colleen is slightly competitive about having fewer.) Colleen’s younger sister, Maureen, is married to Lionel and has one daughter, Maxine. Her mom is Trixie, who is 80 is 2016.

Christa—the weekend receptionist at Flatiron Five, first mentioned in Addicted to Love. Chynna gives away a heart tattoo on the full moon each month, one that is supposed to bring true love to the bearer. Cassie gets the first tattoo.

Chynna—a tattoo artist who is convinced by Kyle to open a tattoo shop in F5’s lobby in In the Midnight Hour.

Damon Perez—one of the original five partners. Damon is a former marine and has PTSD after serving in Afghanistan. When he left the service, he worked out at a gym, where he got a job and ultimately met Kyle. He coaches weightlifting but his first love is drawing—he’s gone back to school for design credentials and does a lot of the design for F5 projects. Damon and Haley’s book is In the Midnight Hour and their wedding is in Going to the Chapel.

Jeffrey McKay—Tyler’s dad, a retired investment banker. They live in Connecticut.

Daphne—one of the nurses who works with Haley.

Dave Stuyvesant—Kyle’s younger brother in the service, who is married to Olivia and lives in California. They have two boys and a girl on the way in Addicted to Love, and Kyle calls the boys “Sprout One” and “Sprout Two”. Dave and Kyle have different fathers but are very close, given the upheaval of their childhood.

Florence—Kyle’s mom, a flamboyant and stylish older woman who lives in California. She’s always chased “true love” and has been married seven times. She has a hook-up with Kenneth while visiting Kyle in New York in Addicted to Love. Kyle’s father isn’t named, but he calls Kyle before Christmas near the end of Addicted to Love, which is as much of an annual ritual as the older man trading out girlfriends.

Gabriella del Chiara—Amy’s mom, a dressmaker who came from Italy alone to the US after she was orphaned. She met Peter when she learned English but didn’t marry him for seven years because she wanted to establish her business and have financial freedom. She died of cancer in 2011.

Giselle—a French stewardess and Tyler’s date to Trixie’s 80th birthday party. It was their only date, but he let his mom believe the relationship was ongoing to avoid being fixed up. She has a cameo in Simply Irresistible.

Haley Slater—an oncology nurse interested in alternative therapies who notices the effect of Damon’s therapeutic massage upon his mother, Natasha, and wants to learn how to do that herself. At the beginning of In the Midnight Hour, she’s working in the cardiac ward, filling in for Anna who is on mat leave. Her co-workers consider her to be a workaholic with no private life. She thinks she still loves her ex, Aidan, a doctor in her hometown who dumped her. She adopts a black male cat with attitude who she names Ninja.

Hunter Tate—a fan of the F5 dance club who jokes with Kyle that they’re twins separated at birth. He first appears in In the Midnight Hour and subsequently gets a job at F5, working Friday nights in the dance club.

Ingrid—a stylist who works for Lauren. She’s blond and wears black and white a lot. She spends Mondays at a shelter in Queens that helps women who have left abusive relationships get a fresh start. She donates free haircuts, her friend Sherry does make-up, and a third friend does manicures. The shelter also takes clothing donations, giving some to the women clients and selling the rest. Lauren makes a donation and decides to help out.

Jesse—works at the butcher in Amy’s neighborhood and credits her dad with putting him on the right track.

Joe—an older gentleman who drives a cab at nights in Queens, looking for fares at the hospital where Haley works. He dispenses romantic advice while driving people he knows.

Katelyn—the youngest of Tyler’s sisters and the one who is notoriously messy. She’s a jeweler who lives in Soho with Jared, an artist, and they get married in Simply Irresistible.

Kyle Stuyvesant—one of the original five partners. Kyle and Lauren’s book is Addicted to Love. His parents never kept a marriage vow so he doesn’t believe in forever—until Lauren. He considers himself the idea guy of the team and has both enthusiasm and charm.

Lauren McKay—Tyler’s oldest and favorite sister. She divorces her husband Mark Thompson (married 2014) after Kyle shows her security pictures of Mark with another woman at Flatiron Five. Later, she  calls Kyle for a one-nighter. They had a fling years before and she knows he has no expectation of a commitment. She owns a hairdressing salon and has two employees, Marie and Ingrid—Marie is also having an affair with Mark. Lauren is close to her grandmother, Trixie, who lives in Mamaroneck and makes regular visits to take care of Trixie’s hair. Lauren’s birthday is on Christmas Day and she has a holly tattoo that she got when she and Kyle first met in Santa Cruz when she was on a spring break vacation. Lauren and Kyle’s story is told in Addicted to Love.

Lisa Petrovsky—Amy’s tenant and a friend from high school, Lisa lives on the second floor of Amy’s house with her mom. They move to Orlando to live near Lisa’s brother and his wife, who are expecting a baby. She comes back to be one of Amy’s bridesmaids.

Liz—teaches a massage class at F5 and is Haley’s instructor when she attends a session.

Marco Perez—Damon’s father, a carpenter who fell in love with Natasha, a Russian ballerina, while she was on a US tour.

Mark Thompson—Lauren’s ex-husband in Addicted to Love. The doorman Mr. Bernard thinks him handsome but not a gentleman and helps Lauren remove his belongings from their apartment. he subsequently waylays Lauren in the bodega on the corner, hoping to change her mind about taking him back. He gets a lot more than he expects because Lauren’s learned about him cheating with her employee.

Maxine—Tyler’s cousin and a notorious klutz. She’s interested in all the F5 partners at Ty’s wedding and her mom, Maureen, tries to matchmake without success.

Megan—a nurse and one of Haley’s co-workers in the cardiac ward.

Natalie (Thornton) Morgan—Peter’s sister and Amy’s aunt. She married Tom Morgan, an insurance broker, and Brittany is their only child. She runs the lighting stores owned by the family business.

Natasha Perez—Damon’s mom, a widow and a former ballet dancer, who is chronically ill. (In the first versions of Damon’s story, she was named Natalia, but that was too close to Amy’s aunt.) At the beginning of In the Midnight Hour, Damon has moved home to Queens to help his mom and visits her in the hospital every Friday night to give her a therapeutic massage.

Nathan Buchanan—served with Damon in Afghanistan and lost his hand in the incident that haunts Damon. The third soldier with them, Foster, died. Nate lives with his mom who sees the obituary for Natasha. He comes to the funeral and ultimately gets a job at F5 as they expand their class options for veterans. Nate takes on designated hours for amputees to work out in the weight room—he also beats Kyle in a race up the rock climbing wall.

Mrs. Murphy—Amy’s boss at the beginning of Simply Irresistible and the office manager. The sales team are Mr. Forsythe, Mr. Chang and Ms. Langstrom.

Olivia—Dave Stuyvesant’s wife, a redhead who was widowed when her first husband, Ryan, was killed in action. Dave knew Ryan and subsequently fell in love with Olivia. Her son Jason was four when his dad died; they have another son, Noah, and a little girl on the way in Addicted to Love.

Paige—Tyler’s sister, the third daughter of four, married (2015) to Derek who owns a construction company in the Bronx and does the company’s books. They have a son, Ethan, and she’s known in the family for her curiosity.

Paolo—owner of the bodega near Lauren’s apartment.

Mrs. Pat Lowell—Tyler’s secretary at the investment firm Fleming Financial.

Pauline (Thornton)—Peter’s oldest sister who is divorced from Craig. She has a daughter (Rachel) and two sons (Jake and Mike), all of whom are married with children. Rachel married Duane, who works for Tom Morgan, and they have two sons Kade and Sasha. Jake married Kirsten, and they have three sons: Dylan, Micah and Justin. Mike married Marie and they have three kids: Abby, Noah and Emma. At the rehearsal dinner in Simply Irresistible, Amy learns that Pauline visited Peter when he was in the hospital: previously Amy’d thought that her father’s family shunned him completely so she’s happy to reconcile with Pauline.

Peter Thornton—Amy’s dad, a teacher who married Gabriella against his family’s wishes. He also declined to take over the family business as an electrician even though he was the oldest and the only son. He died in 2015. He had three sisters: Pauline, Natalie and Sara. His mom, Helena, also appears at Brittany’s wedding.

Raylene—the receptionist at Flatiron Five on weeknights, first mentioned in Addicted to Love.

Red—a mortgage advisor and college friend of Tyler’s in Simply Irresistible who helps Amy arrange financing for her house. He’s married and has three kids.

Rick—a client booked for personal training with Kyle in Addicted to Love. Kyle finds it frustrating that Rick is always late for the appointments and knows it will affect how soon that man sees results.

Sara (Thornton)—Peter’s youngest sister, married to Daniel. They have two sons, Andrew and Thomas, who are younger than Amy and are both electricians in the family business.

Sonia—a receptionist at Flatiron Five whose name has two spelling variations and is a continuity error. (Sometimes, she’s Sonja.) She is slim and blond with a ponytail, first appears in Simply Irresistible, is first named in Addicted to Love, when she explains to Jason that she’s the receptionist on weekdays. Sonia is promoted to become X’s protégé in Some Guys Have All the Luck. Sonia also appears in the DragonFate novels as one of the tenants of Eithne’s townhouse.

Stephanie—Tyler’s sister, the second daughter of four, who is finishing grad school. She married Trevor, a lawyer, in 2016 and they live in Boston.

Teresa—a nurse and one of Haley’s co-workers in the oncology ward. She compares Damon to her husband Jake, who is also taciturn.

Theo Tremblay—one of the original five partners. Theo and Lyssa’s book is Bad Case of Loving You.

Trixie—Tyler and Lauren’s grandmother. Tyler took Giselle to her 80th birthday party and she brings Alfred to his wedding. She dances with all of the partners at the wedding, doing the Mararena with Kyle, then dies shortly afterward at home. She has been particularly close to Lauren and leaves her the house that she and her husband (their grandfather) built in Mamaroneck .

Tyler McKay—one of the original five partners and the last one to leave his day job to work full time at the club, Tyler is the finance guy. Tyler and Amy’s book is Simply Irresistible and their first son is born in Going to the Chapel.

Zeke—the owner of the gym that Damon joined when he came home from his tour of duty. Zeke let neighborhood kids take free classes for a month or two and Damon helped. He worked there even when he went back to school and it was at Zeke’s club that Kyle found him, later offering him a place on the F5 team. Zeke died in a car accident and the gym closed.