F5F Timeline

The Flatiron Five Fitness series is set in real time and begins in May 2017. Remember that there’s a Pinterest board for the series with a section for each book.

The Flatiron Five Tattoo series overlaps the chronology of the main series. There’s also a Pinterest board for that series with a subsidiary board for each book.

Just One Fake Date, book one of the Flatiron Five Fitness series of contemporary romances by Deborah CookeMay 9, 2017 —Shannyn arrives at the club and Just One Fake Date begins.

June 10, 2017—Katelyn and Jared’s wedding

June 23, 2017—prologue of Just One More Time

July 19, 2017—Just One More Time begins.

September 16, 2017—Shannyn and Tyler’s wedding (included in Just One More Time)

December 25, 2017—Lauren’s birthday

December 29, 2017—Haley watches Damon and Just One Night Together begins.

January 26, 2018—Natasha’s memorial service

March 31, 2018—Chynna’s tattoo shop opens and Olivia gets her tattoo. Just One Snowbound Night begins.

Just One Hometown Hero, book four of the Flatiron Five Fitness series of contemporary romances by Deborah CookeApril 19, 2018—Cassie goes to Montrose River and Just One Hometown Hero begins.

April 29, 2018—Reyna visits Chynna and Just One Vacation Night begins.

May 13, 2018—Kyle and Lauren’s wedding (included in Just One Hometown Hero)

May 29, 2018—Lexi visits Chynna and Just One Unforgettable Night begins

September 8, 2018—Cassie and Reid’s wedding and Michael’s birth (Two Weddings and a Baby)

September 15, 2018—Haley and Damon’s wedding (Two Weddings and a Baby)

December 17, 2018—Just One Christmas Night begins

December 22, 2018—Lyssa meets Theo and Just One Second Chance begins.

March 9, 2019—Lyssa and Theo’s wedding and Ariel’s birth (included in Just One Second Chance)