Print ISBN #’s

Many of my books have multiple editions, which means they’ve been assigned multiple ISBN numbers. For those of you who like to order print books through your local bookstore—which is a good thing—here’s a summary of the current ISBN#’s.

If no ISBN# is listed, the book was only ever available in one print edition, or it is out of print in English.

Some titles have two ISBN#’s—this is because they are available through two different print-on-demand portals. Bookstores tend to order from one or the other, so one ISBN will work at your store of choice, but probably not the other. It’s better to know both!

Claire Delacroix Books
Time Travel Romances
Once Upon a Kiss  978-0987839947  
The Last Highlander 
The Moonstone 
Love Potion #9 

The Bride Quest II
The Countess  978-0987839992
The Beauty 978-0987954800
The Temptress  978-0987954817

The Rogues of Ravensmuir
The Rogue  978-0987839961
The Scoundrel  978-0987839978
The Warrior 978-0987839985

The Jewels of Kinfairlie
The Beauty Bride  978-0987839909
The Rose Red Bride  978-0987839916
The Snow White Bride (this edition includes The Ballad of Rosamunde) 978-0987839923

The True Love Brides
The Renegade’s Heart  978-0987839930 and 978-1927477571
The Highlander’s Curse  978-1927477328 and 978-1927477588
The Frost Maiden’s Kiss  978-1927477397 and 978-1927477595
The Warrior’s Prize  978-1927477441 and 978-1927477601

The Prometheus Project
Fallen  978-1927477342
Guardian  978-1927477359
Rebel  978-1927477366
Abyss  978-1927477229

Beguiled  978-1927477410

Deborah Cooke Books
The Coxwells
Third Time Lucky  978-1927477120
Double Trouble 978-1927477144
One More Time  978-1927477168
All or Nothing  978-1927477182

Flatiron Five
Simply Irresistible 978-1927477762

The Dragon Legion Collection  978-1927477274 and 978-1927477700
Serpent’s Kiss 978-1927477373 and 978-1927477717
Firestorm Forever 978-1927477496 and 978-1927477724

The Champions of Saint Euphemia
The Crusader’s Bride 978-1927477519 and 978-1927477564
The Crusader’s Heart  978-1927477694
The Crusader’s Kiss 978-1927477731
The Crusader’s Vow 978-1927477748

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