Time Travel Romances

These time travel romances were originally published under my pseudonym Claire Cross. Strictly speaking, only two of them are time travel romances—The Last Highlander and The Moonstone—while the other two are paranormal romances featuring a hero and heroine from different points in time. When I republished them in 2011, I decided to make them Claire Delacroix books, because I think their lighter tone has much in common with some of my medieval romances, particularly the Bride Quest I and Bride Quest II.

There are signed copies of my books available in my online store.

Once Upon a Kiss, a Scottish paranormal romance by Claire Delacroix    The Last Highlander, a Scottish time travel romance by Claire Delacroix    The Moonstone, a time travel romance by Claire Delacroix

Love Potion #9, a paranormal romance and romantic comedy by Claire Delacroix    The Time Travel Romance Boxed Set by Claire Delacroix

4 thoughts on “Time Travel Romances

  1. hi
    looking for 2 old time travel romances
    one is set in france
    a knight finds a woman on a beach
    she was being chased by thugs and fell or jumped from a cliff
    and landed back in time
    she has a rose tattoo
    and that fits with the prediction the wise woman told the knight
    so of course he marries her

    the 2nd book

    a doctor goes through a tramatic event in her life
    she goes with her sister to an event a dig or a renactment
    they find a body or skeliton of a civil war solider
    she becomes obsessed with finding out his story
    he died of his wounds
    and later his daughter dies and his sister enlaw gets is farm
    after she goes to sleep she hears music and goes back to his time saves his life
    they get merried and rasie his daughter


  2. I always laughed at my father when he got older and started reading Harlequin novels, but now I’ve gotten old and read tons of romance novels. I’m a sucker it turns out for the happy endings…..and they’re a lot ‘hotter’ nowadays. I picked up your Time Travel ‘quartet’ for Kindle from Amazon and thoroughly enjoyed each of them but “Love Potion #9” was my absolute favorite. The lyrics from the old Coasters’ song fit perfectly. Great characters in all of them and all great reads.

    The only thing I found disappointing, as an old English Major and sometimes editor, was the editing of your books. Your writing was superb, but there were just hundreds of errors in their pages. Spellcheck is not as smart as a good proof reader. I don’t think they could have been from the original paper editions or at least I hope not. Whenever I discover an author I like, I tend to start reading everything they’ve written. So I guess I’ll be on a Clare Cross, Claire Delacroix, Deborah Cooke binge for the next few months, interspersing then in the dozen or more books I read every month.Thanks again for sharing your wonderful skill at writing.


    • Hi Bruce – I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the time travel boxed set. You made me laugh with your comments about your dad reading Harlequin romances and now you, too – my dad used to read my books, just because, but now he’s reading a lot of romances. You’re not alone!

      I’ve also sent you an email about proofreading, so please check your spam folder.

      Thanks for your comments and happy reading!


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