The Brides of Inverfyre

My next Claire Delacroix medieval Scottish romance series will be set in the Highlands, at Inverfyre. Ross, the eighth of the Kinfairlie siblings, has gone to Inverfyre to train for his knighthood with the sons of the Hawk, under that warrior’s tutelage. Ross will have his HEA in this series, and the five children of the Hawk and Aileen will also be featured.

If you haven’t read The Scoundrel, which introduces Inverfyre, or The Warrior, which is the story of the Hawk and Aileen, this might be a good chance to catch up.

You can also download the Inverfyre family tree here.

Stay tuned for covers, blurbs and pre-order links.

12 thoughts on “The Brides of Inverfyre

  1. I loved the whole series from The Rogues, The Jewels, True Love Brides, and Rosamunde. Just finished. What an adventure! I can’t wait for the Brides of Inverfyre series and Ross’s story. Thank you!


  2. Anxiously awaiting the big release! This has been my favorite medieval romance series EVER! Can’t wait to see what my favorite family has been up to lately 🙂


  3. I loved, love the,The Rogues, The Jewels, Rosamunde. Just purchased The True Love Brides, The Champions of Euphemia, The Crusaders Handfast. Can’t wait to spend my weekend!!!!!!!!! Thank you for truly great series. I will need to Purchase soon Brides Quest series 1 and 2.



    • Hi Rae – I have them on my schedule for later this year. The Crusader’s Vow will be published in March, which will complete The Champions of St. Euphemia series, then I’ll revise the three books in The Rose Legacy for republication, then I’ll head back to Inverfyre. I’m hoping to publish the first book in the series in the fall, then will continue it in 2018.


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