Roarke’s Folly

Another cover by Judy York.

Roarke's Folly, book #3 of the Rose Trilogy of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixWhat could a nobleman want with a woman of her station?

A cloth merchant’s daughter, Adela lived a life of responsibility. Little color was there to the fabric of her dreams until the day an impudent knight with mischief in his eyes began to untangle the threads of her resistance…

A man of principle, Roarke d’Aalgen had bargained to retain his family honor. But he had not counted on the lovely Adela, a woman who scoffed at his seduction and fired his desire to the boiling point!

Book #3 of the Rose Trilogy

“A tantalizing, slice-of-life medieval romance!”—Romantic Times

Roarke’s Folly is being prepared for publication in a new edition and will be republished as For His Lady’s Love, book #3 in the Rose Legacy.

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