Family Trees

Here you’ll find family trees for my historical romances, including references as to what book includes which characters’ stories. The files are updated to reflect the family members as of the most recently published book in the series. So, if you haven’t read everything published to date, there will be spoilers.

The family trees are PDF attachments and can be downloaded free from my online store. You can then print them out if you like. The links will take you to the appropriate page at the store.

Bride Quest I Family Tree in B&W

Bride Quest II Family Tree in B&W

Kinfairlie Family Tree in Color (this is a big file)

Kinfairlie Family Tree in B&W

Ravensmuir & Inverfyre Family Tree in B&W

20 thoughts on “Family Trees

  1. A small revision here. I uploaded a new version of the Ravensmuir & Inverfyre family tree today, because the older version had one mistake: the Hawk’s youngest son is named Avery not Roland. The version of the family tree currently available here is correct.


  2. I read The Beauty and started ordering more of your books. The Beauty featured an unusual plot, an audacious heroine (who can cook over a campfire), and sex without the usual tragic consequences. I just started the Rogue and looked carefully at the Kinfairlie family tree, where Merlyn’s dates are 1366-1411. But 1366 is supposed to be the wedding date, no? Okay, sorry to be so picky, but since you have a history background, you’ll understand the obsession with dates.


    • Hi ety888. I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed The Beauty!

      And you’re right! There is a typo in the family tree. Merlyn’s birth date should be earlier than 1366, when he became Laird of Ravensmuir (and thus sought a bride). I’ll have to check my notes as to how many years older than Gawain he is, but the correct date should be around 1340. I’ll confirm the date and get the pdf updated.

      Thanks so much for asking!

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  3. I just finished reading the Rogue after I already devoured all stories of the Kinfairlie children. Now I only have the two Inverfyre books left and hope by the time I am finished there will be a new book about Ross or the other children. Any release plans?

    I found a few more small typos on the Kinfairlie family tree:
    * Mary Elise did not die 1349, since she was alive till shortly after Ysabellas wedding. Also she was 13 when getting pregnant and not 19 when she gave birth to Ysabella 9 month later! I guess she lived from 1335 or 1336 – 1366?
    * Ysabella is Lady of Kinfairlie from 1371 not just 137
    * Why has Roland explicitly the surname Lammergeier?


    • Thanks Friederike – I’ll have to have a look at the family tree again, and get the designer to update it. Good catches!

      Roland’s surname is Lammergeier, though. He’s Merlyn and Ysabella’s younger son.

      I haven’t gotten back to Inverfyre yet, as the Champions of St. Euphemia are taking a little longer than I anticipated. (That’s what comes of adding a fifth book!) Please follow the blog or subscribe to my newsletter for news of new releases.

      Thanks for reading my books!


      • Thanks Deborah, glad I found a way to let you know. I was just wondering, why only Roland is listed with his surname. Tynan and Rolands 8 kids are also referred as Lammergeier.

        Good luck with your continuous writing and looking forward to read more. It is such a beautiful world that you created and are adding stories to.


      • It might have been a space constraint. I haven’t looked at the family trees for a while, and don’t remember. But they’ll be getting a review when I start the Brides of Inverfyre, and probably a tweak, too. Thanks for reading my books!


    • Hmm. Thanks for asking that Jolande. I had to turn off digital book sales for Europe because of their changes to VAT taxes for digital books. I didn’t think of that affecting all digital content in the store, even the free content. Hmm. There must be a way to do this. Where do you live?


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