Felix, a New Sweater

I recently finished a new cardigan with yarn from my stash. Now that it’s blocked and finished, let’s have a look.

Felix cardigan knitted in Rowan Renew by Deborah Cooke

The pattern is Felix, (that’s a Ravelry link) a boxy top-down raglan cardigan with a nice detail on the raglan increases. It knits up pretty quickly and, since it’s knit top-down, you can try it on as you go to check the fit. I used Rowan Renew, a discontinued yarn with a tweedy fleck. (That’s a Ravelry link for the yarn, since it’s not on Rowan’s website anymore.) The yarn is made of recycled wool – hence the name – which is pretty cool.

I really like that raglan detail and I love this yarn. It has a subtle stripe as well as the tweedy fleck.

Felix cardigan knitted in Rowan Renew by Deborah Cooke

The red colourway is called Pick-up, but I didn’t have enough of it for the whole sweater. I added the dark grey, also Renew, in the colourway Lorry, and modified the pattern to have striped edges in garter stitch. It turned out that I used 1.4 balls of grey and had 1 ball of red left over, so I could have almost made it all red. The buttons came from my stash, too. I like the leaves on them for this sweater, since the red reminds me of autumn colours.

Here’s my Ravelry project page for this sweater.

In addition to modifying the ribbed hems and button band to be garter stripes, I made the sleeves narrower at the cuff. I like the narrower sleeves on my Koigu Lunenberg cardigan. This was all good until I washed the sweater to block it. It stretched like mad! I put it flat to dry but knew all that extra length wasn’t going to just disappear – so I tossed it into the dryer when it was still damp. This meant that the wool fulled as the sweater shrank back to its original length. It’s thicker and softer than it was, which is good, but it’s also a little bit narrower. The sleeves still fit, but I can’t push them up as much as I like to. (Maybe this will break my bad habit…) I’m curious about this stretching and wonder whether it had something to do with the wool having been recycled. (?)

Either way, I’ve cast on another Felix in Rowan Renew in a green colourway called Digger. I have twelve balls of this colour and the sweater takes 11.5 so it can all be one colour. I’ll make the sleeves a few stitches wider at the cuff on this one, in case the same thing happens when it’s washed. I haven’t decided whether to rib the cuffs and button band, like the pattern, or do them in moss stitch. Here’s that Ravelry project page.

What do you think?

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