Dragon Scale Fingerless Mitts

Although I have many (many!) projects on the go, sometimes I like to take a break and make something quick. This week, I was tempted by this Dragon Scale Fingerless Mitts pattern. You can find it on Ravelry as a free download, right here.

It’s a crochet pattern, which is unusual for me, but I’ve been intrigued by the Crocodile Stitch for a long time. That’s the bit that looks like scales. I really like Crocodile Stitch done in a yarn with long colour changes – check out this backpack in Kauni Effektgarn.

I bought Red Heart Unforgettable in the colourway Rainforest, because I thought the colour gradations would be long enough. The first glove didn’t come out quite as I expected – longer colour changes would have been better. This stitch eats yarn.

Here’s the first one:
Dragon Scale Fingerless Mitt knit in Red Heart Unforgettable Rainforest by Deborah Cooke
You can see that the colour was changing within the row, so the effect is less striped. The mitt is a bit smaller than I’d expected and it extends further over the fingers.

Here’s the other side:

The pattern suggests 8 chain stitches for the thumb opening but that seemed small. I did 12, then added another cluster of DCs. That improved the fit of the mitt – it would have been too snug for me otherwise. This first mitt took 31g of yarn. There are knots in the ball (grrr) which interrupt the colour progression. I’ll try to match the second one but we’ll see.

Because there are scales on the inside of the palm, this isn’t a mitt to wear when actually doing anything. I also think it would be cool if the scales went up the back of the mitt further. I’m going to think about it while making the match to this one. I bought a second ball of this yarn in another colourway and will try an experiment with that.

What do you think?