More Sparkle for the Hoard

Dragon pendant and earrings with blue glass made by Deborah CookeI’ve been doing some more beadwork and making shiny things for my dragon hoard. I’ll take these to Romancing the Capital in August.

Today, I wanted to show you these necklace and earring sets. I found dragon pendants that match my dragon charms, so putting them together was an obvious choice.

This one is blue glass beads that have some opalescence. I matched them with cut glass beads of light green and Czech glass 2/0 beads with the same opalescence as the big beads. The fastener is a magnet. I wasn’t sure it would be strong enough for the weight of the necklace, but it is – and it ensures that the wire doesn’t get twisted. Ha.

Dragon necklace made with glass beads by Deborah Cooke

Next is another one with glass beads. I love how sparkly this one is! The larger beads are faceted crystals with an A/B finish. They’re matched with smaller faceted glass beads with the same finish to make a glittery result. The picture doesn’t do its sparkle justice!

Third, a necklace set with fire agate semi-precious gemstone beads and black glass beads, The black beads have a bit of gold detail. There are Czech glass 2/0 beads in gold, too. The fire agate has been dyed to be a brighter orange. I like the pattern in the stone.

Dragon necklace with fire agate semi-precious gemstone beads and glass beads, made by Deborah CookeFire agate is linked with fire by those who use gemstones for healing, and so it has associations with passion and earthly desires. It is also said to be a protective stone and to be revitalizing. Doesn’t it sound like an excellent choice for a dragon?

I have some other semi-precious gemstones that I’ve been using to make these necklaces. There’s a set with lapis lazuli and freshwater pearls. Lapis lazuli is associated with tranquility, self-awareness and healing. These beads are not dyed and are a natural deep blue. I also have some labradorite, undyed, which I’m still trying to pair with something sparkly. Labradorite is said to increase the wearer’s psychic and magical powers, which also makes it a perfect choice for a dragon.

Dragon necklace made with gold and purple beads by Deborah CookeThe fourth set I have to show you today is one of my favorite combinations of glass beads with these dragon charms. There are purple glass beads with an A/B finish and gold ones with the same finish, along with some Czech glass 2/0 beads in gold with an A/B finish. I love this combination as all the beads seem to be reflecting shades of gold and purple.

That’s just four of my dragon necklace sets. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “More Sparkle for the Hoard

  1. I can’t decide which combination I like best… all beautiful… I am drawn to the fire agate one though, I guess because I am a fire sign 😉 What is the gauge of the wire you used?


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