A New Quilt Top

I told you a few weeks ago about the Escher quilt pattern I’d bought, and mentioned that I needed to finish another quilt top before starting that one. Today you get to hear about the quilt in progress. It took me a bit longer than expected because I had to rip back the borders and redo them.

I saw a quilt made in this pattern during the summer (it was red and white) and I thought it was pretty, so I doodled down the pattern. I don’t know the name of the pattern, but here’s my version:

green quilt sewn by Deborah Cooke

It’s just half square blocks sewn into larger blocks. I chose to make the central diamonds in each block darker in the middle section, then also alternated florals and stripes all the way around. On the outside borders, that protocol doesn’t quite hold. šŸ™‚ I sewed the outside blocks on and ran outside to get a picture before the sun was gone, so it still needs a good pressing. It’s a bit more green than it looks here, and it needs another outside border. I think I’ll use that dark blue/green batik that is in the last border before the outside blocks. It’s about 72″ on a side right now.

I like it, and that it ended up with a contrast between stripes and florals. As usual, I was more concerned with pattern than value, and I did let the pattern placement fall randomly, but I still am pleased with the result. Many of the fabrics are Kaffe Fassett fabrics – all of the stripes and many of the florals, too. Those mustard dots and the blue/green batik are rogue. šŸ™‚ Once the borders are on, I’ll need to quilt it.

What do you think?

6 thoughts on “A New Quilt Top

  1. I love it! Do you machine quilt or do it by hand? I’ve done several quilt tops, but I’ve only ever quilted one small wall hanging.


    • I like to hand quilt my quilts, Mary, but it’s very slow – I piece more quickly than I finish quilts! I’ve never gotten the hang of machine quilting and probably don’t have the right machine for it. There’s a shop near me with a programmable long arm quilting machine. I might take this one there to be quilted, just to see whether I like the results.


  2. Your quilt too is beautiful! I like seeing your projects. I’m working on a cross stitch project in between reading now. I do multiple crafts. I just got My mom’s knitting needles & want to figure out how to knit. My grandmother was a big quilter and I do a little bit. I have the last one she ever worked on. It still needs to be finished. I really need to put down the kindle and get busy.

    Happy stitching!!

    Melissa W.


  3. WOW! Just gorgeous. I’ve been thinking about learning to quilt. I’m a seamstress from way back. I started making clothes for myself when I was 11 so the mechanics of sewing the blocks should come naturally (I hope!). I just need to find the time!


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