The Dark Dragon

Sounds like a book title, doesn’t it? Well, (surprise!) it’s a knitting project instead. This is Fiber Friday, after all.

Doughty Dragon knit by Deborah Cooke in Noro Kureyon Sock I knit this dragon out of Noro Kureyon Sock from my stash. It used about half a skein. I’m not actually sure what to do with it now that it’s done, but when I saw the pattern, I just had to cast on. The pattern is called Doughty Dragon and it’s a free Ravelry download. (That’s a Ravelry link.)

Above, he is clearly as outraged as I am that some squirrel has sampled my pumpkin two weeks before Halloween.

Doughty Dragon knit by Deborah Cooke in Noro Kureyon SockHere, he looks like he’s going to eat something off the steps. (Bad dragon!)

I seriously lost my enthusiasm after making the body of the dragon – I think the toes nearly finished me – so he’s been waiting headless for me to get back to him. This summer, I made his head, then he waited in two parts – because I didn’t enjoy making the teeth and still think I did them wrong – until about two weeks ago. I was trying to clean up my office, and there he was, on the floor, in parts. How sad. I picked up my needles and worked away on those back scales – which I also did wrong. There’s supposed to be two rows, and you’re supposed to pick up every second stitch on the back as you go – alternating would be a good idea – but I misread it and picked up every stitch. Rather than frog back, I just kept going but only did a single row of scales.

Trust me. By then I was done with this project. It was fiddly knitting and slow going.Doughty Dragon knit by Deborah Cooke in Noro Kureyon Sock

I think his back scales look good, even if they are wrong!

Making this dragon took even longer than I thought: when I went back into Ravelry to mark my project done, I saw that I’d cast on in July 2015. More than three years to completion! Ha. I won’t be making another one of these.

Although he is kind of cute, isn’t he? I have to find him a perch in my office.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “The Dark Dragon

  1. He is cute and I can’t tell you didn’t follow the pattern. I’m surprised there’s a knitting pattern for dragons. It looks arduous. So glad you stuck to it. Now to find a suitable home. Maybe someday you’ll decide to give him a mate. Great job!! šŸ‰šŸ‰šŸ‰šŸ‰šŸ‰


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