The Deepest Ridge in the Ocean

Here’s an update on my Lizard Ridge afghan in Noro Kureyon, predominantly in shades of blue and green.

I finished the seven blocks in colourway 327 which has a lot of deep blues – also some burnt orange and a bit of burgundy.

Six Lixard Ridge blocks knit in Noro Kureyon 327 by Deborah Cooke

I only included six in the picture, since it made a nicer composition, but there are seven of them.

Now I’ve knit one block from each skein. I have 21 blocks and a lot of bits:

Noro Kureyon bits

They’re grouped by colourway here. The total weight is 150g and it takes about 40g to make one square.

Here are my last three squares, each of which has at least two colourways in it. That’s the last of the yarn below. They don’t look bad, do they?

Lizard Ridge afghan squares in Noro Kureyon knit by Deborah Cooke

I’m surprised to only have 13g of yarn left, but several of the colourways were spun thicker than the original one. I have 8 complete blocks of the first colourway I used (the one from my stash – 254), plus it’s in two of the leftover blocks, and there’s still a bit of leftover. I had 7 skeins. In contrast, I bought 7 skeins of the last colourway (327) which was spun much thicker. I got 7 squares out of that, plus half of one of the last three, and the other bit of leftover.

Just for fun, I laid out all the blocks on the patio. They’re curly because they need to be blocked and I know I’ll be moving the order around, but here they are all together:
Lizard Ridge afghan in Noro Kureyon, unblocked and unsewn, knit by Deborah CookeNow I have a lot of blocking and sewing to do.

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “The Deepest Ridge in the Ocean

  1. This looks so beautiful, Deborah! I love the colours, the blues and greens really remind me of the ocean, so they work well with the pattern.


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