My Juicy Gloss Cardigan in Koigu

I’ve been distracted by a new knitting project and thought I’d share my progress with you today. The pattern is called Juicy Gloss and it’s an open-front cardigan, with lace fronts. It’s knit top-down and has some interesting details. Here’s a link to the Juicy Gloss pattern on Ravelry.

One thing I wanted to change was the length of the fronts. I want them longer but still swingy. So, instead of working increases only for the sleeves and back, I did them for the fronts as well. I took the sweater off the needles last weekend to check the fit and here’s what it looked like then:Juicy Gloss cardigan in Koigu in progress, knit by Deborah Cooke

It’s back on the needles now and I’ve divided for the sleeves. There’s a lovely short-row inset on the back that I’m currently knitting. This designer has really paid attention to the details.

And the colours of the Koigu! These pictures don’t nearly do the colourway justice plus it looks a bit more mauve here than in real life. It’s gorgeous. The mix of colours reminds me of granite. Juicy Gloss cardigan in Koigu in progress, knit by Deborah Cooke

Part of the reason I cast on this project is that I’ve gone to the Koigu tent sale the past two summers and bought yarn, but not knit very much of it. (I did knit one shawl this winter.) I decided I needed to knit a sweater before going again this summer.

What do you think?

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