Socks and a Scarf

I’ve been travelling a bit lately so we haven’t had a Fibre Friday. Today’s the day!

First up, I finished a pair of very bright socks, knit in Patons Kroy Stripes. The colourway is Sunburst Stripes. I used two balls and just barely got the pair out of that – I thought I’d have to buy a third ball for the toes!
Socks knit by Deborah Cooke in Patons Kroy Stripes

They’re brighter than what I usually wear, but they’re socks – and they’ll be cheerful in the winter.

I’ve also finished a scarf knit without a pattern. I had this thick-and-thin yarn in my stash – I found it in the mill ends at Spinrite, which means there’s no label. I liked the colours, though, and thought there was enough for a scarf. It’s more like a cowl, but I really like how it knit up in garter stitch.

Scarf knit in mystery thick-and-thin yarn by Deborah Cooke

I knit it diagonally. Where you can see the end at the bottom, I cast on three stitches. I increased once stitch at each edge on every right side row (and knit every wrong side row) until I thought the point was wide enough. After that, I increased on the lead edge of every right side row, and finished each right side row with K2tog, K1. I continued to knit the wrong side rows. In this picture, I’m just at the point of starting the decreases for the other end.

In this picture, I’m just at the point of starting the decreases for the other end.  (Yes, I weighed the first point, then knit until the remaining wool weighed just a few grams more than that.) From here, I decrease at both ends of each right side row until there are just three stitches left, then cast off. I haven’t decided whether to leave it as a short scarf that I can wrap across the front of my throat, or I should join it into a cowl – either by grafting the ends together or adding some loops and buttons. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Socks and a Scarf

  1. Looks really nice, love the diagonals, maybe a loop and a nice big, bright button.  Colourful enough to catch your eye, and just big enough that it won’t bother you under your chin.  Wear it just to your left or right of your chin, not directly under it.  I am very envious, I don’t have the patience to knit.  I am a voracious reader though,  I use it for pain therapy.  I have Rheumatoid, and Ostio Arthritis, and Fibromayalgia  so need something beside pain meds……thanks for showing all your lovely talent with us and I love your books, especially your historicals.   I am starting to read all your books, starting with ” The Beauty Bride”.

    Take care and God bless. Judie


    • Your work is amazing….Most people can only aspire to such knitting talent! Love the bright colours in the socks. and I think you made the right choice to knit the scarf diagonally. I think it would not look as interesting if you just did straight knitting rows. If you made the scarf into a cowl, with loops or buttons, it would stay in place much better than just wrapping it…but it’s your scarf, lol


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