Bent Needles

Several weeks ago, I mentioned that I’d had to get a new set of DPN’s because I’d bent my needles. I promised to show you how that had happened. Today’s the day.

I bent my steel knitting needles by knitting with wire. I was knitting this:

Bead Soup necklace knitted by Deborah Cooke

This necklace is a kit from Earthfaire, which includes both the materials and the pattern. It’s called the Moonrise necklace, and I ordered my beads in the Moonrise on Neptune colourway. It comes with silk thread but I thought it would be cool to use silver-plated wire instead. I also changed out the clasp and used a sterling one instead, since I was spending so much time on the project. The result is wonderful and I like it a lot, but it took a long time to knit this. I had to keep putting it aside to let my fingers heal! Knitting with wire isn’t for wimps, especially when you use teeny needles (2.5mm) like I did. I think that the result was worth a few sore fingertips and even the bending of a couple of DPN’s.

I still have the bracelet on those bent needles and will have enough beads left to make matching earrings.

What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Bent Needles

  1. WOW this is gorgeous! What a great idea to use wire, more durable for sure. I crocheted a necklace years ago adding precious stones, but the thread is weakened now, so I would have to redo it all. Lots of work.


  2. It’s gorgeous and makes me wish I could knit. I taught myself to crochet while laid off from work once but I was called back to work before I taught myself to knit.


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