That Koigu Yarn

A few weeks ago, Koigu yarns had their first-ever tent sale. I didn’t even know about it, until my editor mentioned it—after I’d talked about the sale at Spinrite. I’ve never knit with Koigu yarn because their colours are so beautiful that I can never choose.

Koigu Yarns

Also, I picked up a new-to-me knitting magazine and fell in love with one of the patterns included. It’s an Interweave publication called knit.wear, which has beautiful photography. The pattern from the Spring/Summer 2016 edition is called Katherine. They don’t show it on their site, but here’s a Ravelry link.

It’s a strange thing that I seldom have the yarn I need for a pattern or a good substitute in my stash. You’d think that as a stash got larger, it would be possible to knit anything from it, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Koigu KPPPM (it turned out) looked like a perfect substitute for the specified yarn. (See the fortuitous timing? This is how the universe encourages and enables the building of stash.)

I was curious to see where Koigu paint their yarns because I love to see where it all happens. (They don’t raise their own sheep any more.) Mr. Math was up for a road trip, so we packed a picnic and away we went.

The yarns were every bit as beautiful as I remembered from seeing them in stores, but at the sale, I found it easier to choose. In stores, they tend to hang the skeins on hooks to display them, or pile them into cubbies. They might be sorted by dominant tone or not. I always find the riot of colour a bit overwhelming. At the tent sale, however, they had the yarn packed up in clear bags, each bag containing all of a dye lot—usually 20 skeins. (There was a discounted price if you bought all of a dye lot.) Because there were “bricks” of colour stacked on the shelves, I found it much easier to hone in on my favourites.


Still, I had two favourites. 🙂 Mr. Math reminded me that we’d had a bit of a drive to get there and advised me to buy them both, so I did. (It’s true—I don’t need that much encouragement.)

Here they are. Those who handpaint and dye yarn always say it’s easier to see how the colourway will knit up if you cake it, so I caked one of each for comparison. I had wanted either a red mix or a grey mix—turns out I have both.

I’m itching to cast on and start knitting with these beauties (still, I have to choose between them somehow!) but am determined to finish another project first. I’ve never knit so fast on anything as I’m knitting on that Bohus sweater right now!


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