Another Undine

I started this stripey shawl almost a year ago. It’s my own Undine pattern, but with a modification (and a correction). I blogged several times already about this one: Knitting for a Mermaid, More Mermaid Stripes, That Stripey Shawl and Revisiting the Mermaid Shawl. It’s been a bit of a process, and I won’t review all my revelations and corrections again today.

It’s done!

Undine 2 Shawl knit by Deborah CookeIt’s knit of Crazy Zauberball, which is a self-striping sock yarn, and I started with two balls. I alternated two rows from each ball. I thought I did some clever calculations to finish the shawl with two balls, but there was an error in my calculations. I needed 2.7 balls to finish.

Undine 2 shawl knit by Deborah Cooke

I love how the stripes came out, and the ruffled edge. I’m not going to block this one – I don’t usually block shawls knit in garter stitch because I like the springiness of them – so once the ends are sewn in, it’s ready to wear!

My Ravelry project page for this one is right here.

What do you think?

One thought on “Another Undine

  1. How beautiful! I realize A LOT of work goes into your shawls and other projects, but have you ever thought of offering up one of your projects as a prize? Your work is so beautiful and there are so many admirers that can’t knit or crochet and would love something handmade … Just a thought.


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