This Week’s Knitting

It’s time for a Fibre Friday post. We haven’t had one for a while, so I’ll show you what I’ve been up to.

Handspun marl
First and foremost, I recieved a gift while at Romancing the Capital! C.J. very kindly gave me three cakes of her handspun merino. The plies are slightly different colours, so all three cakes have a marled effect. I can’t quite decide what to knit with this beautiful yarn, but am having fun considering the possibilities.

I’ve finished one project this week. It was a plain knit, but done in a self-striping yarn, which always jazzes things up a bit.

bag in Patons SWS knitted by Deborah Cooke
This is a round-based market bag knit out of Patons SWS. This yarn is discontinued. It’s a soy and wool blend that felts really well. I also used some Patons SWS in solid green as an accent. There isn’t a pattern for this bag – I started at the center of the bottom and increased every second row until it looked big enough. Then I knit up the sides, around and around, until it looked deep enough. I knit a handle from one side that looked wide enough, then decided the length by making the colours symmetrical. That looked long enough. 🙂 I knit I-cord around the edges of the handle and the top of the bag, and also at the outer edge of the base. I had tried some fair isle bands just above the base but they came out a bit less clear than I’d hoped.

Then I put it in a pillow case and washed it with a load of towels.

Now it looks like this:
Felted bag in Patons SWS knit by Deborah Cooke
The I-cord is easier to see, although it didn’t felt as well as the body of the bag in some places (especially along the edge of the handles). I might fuss with it, but I might not. I’ll have to line it, but I like how it looks already. It’s soft and thick, and if I put a drawstring top on it, I’ll use it a lot.

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  1. Love the bag, it’s so beautiful! How do you find the time to do all these projects!?! I know… Magic!  ; )


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