Thunder and Administrivia

Into every author’s life, some administrivia (like spring showers) must fall. For indie authors, it often feels like a bout of thunderstorms.

This week, however, there’s a monsoon of administrivia in my realm.

Buy The Dragon Legion Collection NowI’m in the midst of rebuilding the buy links here on my site, and doing some updates as I go. My new Buy Now button is being added to each book page, which will take you down to the buy links for the book. The buy links are also being updated. Kobo has changed their protocol, from preferring a link that was a search query for the ISBN# to a hotlink to the book page itself. (Previously the second kind of link didn’t redirect for territories outside of the one where the link was built. Now it does.) iBooks has changed their logo and their linking protocol—apparently the older links break on mobile devices. Since many many iBooks readers shop on mobile devices, we need the “geo” links in place. The print editions of my books are now distributed to Chapters/Indigo, so I’m adding those links, too. I made all the digital editions of my books available for sale through my online store. I’ve made my books available at All Romance eBooks again, so those links need to be added. Also, my time travel romances came out of Kindle Unlimited and went back into wide distribution, so those buy links had to be rebuilt. And, Overdrive gave me direct links for my books there – the unusual thing about Overdrive is that only those with Overdrive accounts can see their actual library of titles. As a publisher, I can’t see my books on their site, which means I can’t build links to them. They do have a publicly viewable site, which was what I linked to before, thinking that account holders could then log in and be on the book page. Not so. This is curious, but there you go. They send me a spreadsheet of links, so I’m adding them in.

I did new buttons, so they’d line up nicely instead of hip hopping along the line like the old ones did. Some good things have changed – for example, B&N is now nesting all editions together like Amazon does, so I just need one link to them for both the print and digital editions.

The new buy buttons look like this – but these ones aren’t linked to anything:
Buy EPUB e-book from Deborah Buy MOBI e-book from Deborah Buy Signed Print Book from Deborah Buy at iBooks Buy at Buy at Barnes&Noble Buy at GooglePlay Buy at Kobo Buy at Buy at Chapters Indigo Buy at Buy at All Romance eBooks Buy at The Book Depository Buy at Createspace Buy at IndieBound Buy at Buy at Overdrive

So, you see that sexy thing that happens now? Scroll back to the top and click on the Buy Now logo. It’ll pop you right down to the buy links. Figuring out how to do this makes me feel verrrrrrrrrry smart! Ha!

With over 100 pages on my site, though, the thrill wore off quickly. I’m doing my indie-pubbed books first and have finished the pages for the Coxwells, the last 3 Dragonfire books, The Bride Quest II and the time travels. If you see the Buy Now button on the page, that page is done.

I’ll be heading to Scotland today, for the Rogues of Ravensmuir, the Jewels of Kinfairlie, the True Love Brides and then the Prometheus Project. When all that’s done, I’ll go back to the Bride Quest. See what I mean? It’s a deluge.

Echoes_of_Destiny_ThunderclapSo, where’s the thunder? Echoes of Destiny has a Thunderclap campaign and I’d love if you could support it and our boxed set. What happens when you support a Thunderclap campaign through your social media accounts is that TC posts a single message to the social media of all supporters at the same time on the same day. The idea is that *crack* you have a sonic boom of social media presence. I’ve never participated in one before so am curious about it.

Echoes of Destiny at AmazonThe bundle also has a new cover, (although I really liked the old one). The image at left is linked to Amazon, where the bundle is exclusive. It’s in Kindle Unlimited, so if you’re a KU member, you can read it for free. It’s priced at $1.99, so even if you’re not a KU member, it’s an awesome deal. So, hop on over, and pick up a bundle to read.

I’ve got more links to build…

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  1. That is a lot of pages to work on WOW
    Just bought the anthology, I’ve read some of them already and looking forward to reading the stories from authors new to me.
    Also supported the TC 🙂


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