A Crocheted Camellia

A little while ago, I bought a hat. It’s knitted of wool at very fine gauge and is a pretty shade of blue. There’s a wire in the rim so it holds its shape. To me, it looks like a Miss Marple hat.

Which meant that the ruffled thingy on the side had to be replaced by a flower, preferably a camellia. I thought the flower should be knitted, maybe even felted. I spent some time looking at patterns for flowers and didn’t find anything I liked. So, I dug into my stash, and guessed.

Here’s the yarn I found in my stash. One is a variegated wool, quite likely Rowan Tapestry (although the ball band is gone). I wanted to liven it up a bit, so held a strand of Kidsilk Haze Stripe together with it. (The KSH Stripe was left over from my second Hebrides sweater.) I chose a remnant of that with both burgundy and navy in it.

stash yarn for the camellia

I ended up crocheting the flower to get the shape I had in mind. Essentially, I made a long strip with scallops, then sewed it together in a spiral. I then sewed it onto the hat.

Here’s the result:

camellia crocheted by Deborah Cooke camellia crocheted by Deborah Cooke on the hat

What do you think? I really like it and am going to make another couple of flowers the same way so I can pull together some more precise instructions to share.

I might need to make one with beads…

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