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I don’t usually show you knitting projects until they’re done, which means that we don’t have a Fibre Friday post every week. This week I wondered why – many projects are just as interesting when they’re in progress as when they’re completed. So, we’re starting the new year with a new philosophy on Fibre Friday – you’ll get a peek at what’s on my needles that has my attention of the moment.

This week, I’ve been working on a little lace shawl in a yarn that’s dyed to change hue gradually. The pattern is Snow Angel by BooKnits – that’s a Ravelry link – and the yarn is KnitWhits Freia Handpaints Ombré Lace in the Autumn Rose colourway. (You might remember that I knit another shawl in this yarn, in their Grapevine colourway.)

This is my shawl from the cast-on edge with the working edge at the top. In the pattern pictures, the finished shawls are inverted – the plain stockinette part goes at the top of the crescent shawl, then the lace drips down from it to fabulous points. I’ve just finished the laddery bits, so there will be another bigger diamond and then the points. There are beads in this one – you can see little glimmers of mine. They’re green with copper linings.Snow Angel Shawl in progress, knit by Deborah CookeThe shawl is all bunched up on the needles right now, but I think it’s going to be really pretty when it’s blocked. I’m motivated right now to get it finished, even though the rows are getting very long – here’s hoping I don’t run out of yarn!

I also completed a quick project this week. It’s a hat in Noro Silk Garden and Noro Silk Garden Solo (that’s the kind that doesn’t stripe but still has the same fibre content.) The pattern is free from Jared Flood, called Turn-a-Square. (Yup, that’s a Ravelry link.) I’m kind of amazed at how big this came out – even though Mr. Math really likes it. I used a 4 mm needle instead of the recommended 4.5mm, and knit the depth as specified, but he still has to turn up the rim. Maybe I’ll felt it a bit for him. I like the colours a lot – it’s funny but the black and first green stripes almost disappeared when I was knitting it, but now that it’s done, they’re quite evident.Turn a Square hat knit by Deborah CookeThe Silk Garden is the same colourway that I’m using for the garter stripe scarf that’s still on my needles. I thought he needed a hat to match.

Here’s what it looks like from the top. I learned how to make a jogless seam with this pattern – that means that the stripes match up, even though it’s knit in the round. Without this nifty trick taught in the pattern, the stripes would be more like a spiral at one of the corners.  Turn a Square hat knit by Deborah Cooke

What have you been knitting this week?

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