Swirly Goodness

We’re having Fibre Friday early this week, because I have something else scheduled for you for tomorrow. 🙂

Finally! I can’t really believe that this sweater is finished, because it’s been on my needles for so long. I finished it once before but the sleeves were too long and skinny, so I had to frog it back. This also required a mourning period, during which it sat in the knitting basket. Eventually, I picked it up again, reknit the sleeves and now I just love it.

Knit, Swirl sweater knitted by Deborah Cooke

The pattern is Tangerine Rose jacket from Knit, Swirl. I used the stitch counts from this particular jacket, but left out the eyelets and ribbon. I chose this one because my gauge matched the gauge in this pattern, and it looked as if I’d have the right amount of yarn to complete it. I made it, but just barely!

It’s knit in Berroco Jasper in a variegated green (Jasper has been discontinued so this link will show you the yarn but not the colours), with some variegated purple mohair (Mountain Colors Mountain Goat) along the outer edge. The green has purple in it and the purple has green in it, which works for me. Here’s a detail of the cuff on the sweater.

Cuff detail, sweater knit by Deborah Cooke

I also picked up stitches on the ends of the sleeves and knit a reverse stockinette cuff in the contrast yarn to match the hem, because the sleeves looked unfinished to me. When I was seaming it up, I decided to sew the contrast hems into tubes, as if the sweater has a piped edging. I really like how this looks.

The pattern includes a knitted rose corsage. I knit one following the directions and wasn’t sure I liked it. So, I knit a second, following the directions for a rose in another book. Here are the two roses:

Knit roses by Deborah CookeDo you think either looks like a rose? (I don’t.) Which one do you like better?

6 thoughts on “Swirly Goodness

  1. Lovely sweater! While neither flower looks like a rose, in my opinion, the one on the left looks more flower-like. You knot beautifully.


  2. Neither looks like a rose to me; however, I prefer the one on the right as it looks neater. That being said, if it’s supposed to be a corsage, then the one on the left does look more like a posey. Your knitting is lovely.


  3. Neither rose looks like a flower to me – maybe a pink yarn would help. But I really like your sweater and the piped cuffs are a nice touch!


  4. Neither of them look like roses to me either. I think they’re going to be frogged and returned to the stash. Thanks for all your nice comments on the sweater! I’m quite pleased with this one. 🙂


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