Reader Letter for Firestorm Forever

Firestorm Forever, A Dragonfire Novel and paranormal romance by Deborah CookeDear Reader;

And so we come to the final book in the Dragonfire cycle of paranormal romances. Sloane’s story has been a gleam in my eye from the very inception of this series: I always knew his firestorm would be the last one of the Dragon’s Tail Wars, because it had to be the Apothecary of the Pyr who healed the earth. This book is longer than other titles in the series, as there were more details to resolve. Conveniently for me, the end of the Dragon’s Tail node of the moon is marked by three lunar eclipses in relatively quick succession, so there are three firestorms in Firestorm Forever and a slightly different structure to the book to accommodate that. Many of you have written to me to express your wish that the series continue, but all wars must come to an end.

All species, however, do not.

Dragonfire was always intended to be a finite cycle of books, with somewhere between ten and twelve titles in all (Firestorm Forever brings us to eleven books, a short story, and three novellas, as well as the spin-off YA trilogy, the Dragon Diaries) but it was never intended to be the sum of my writing about dragon shape shifter heroes. There are more dragons in my future and in yours! I had been planning to step back in time next, to witness the extermination that left Erik so distrustful of humans, the evolution of Slayers and the discovery of the Dragon’s Egg. This trilogy of paranormal historical romances called DragonKnight have been pushed back in my schedule, though—in writing Firestorm Forever, more Pyr caught my imagination and their stories jumped the queue. You’ll meet a new villain in this book, as well as learn more about Theo, the current leader of the Dragon Legion, who is the reason I’ve been distracted. There’s an excerpt at the end of this book for Hot Blooded, the first book in my upcoming contemporary paranormal series DragonFate.

There also is a companion volume to the Dragonfire series in the works: Here Be Dragons: The Dragonfire Companion will be published in November 2015. Here Be Dragons will be available in both print and digital formats, and there are digital pre-order links available at some portals already. As usual, the book is discounted for pre-orders.

In addition, my alter ego, Claire Delacroix, is beginning a new medieval romance series this summer called the Champions of Saint Euphemia. This is a four-book series following a group of knights on their return from crusade—they’ve been entrusted with a parcel to deliver to Paris but quickly discover that someone wants it badly enough to kill to possess it. They find unexpected adventure on this journey, as well as danger, love, and romance. I hope you’ll join me for their quest. I’ve tucked an excerpt into the back of this book from the first story, The Crusader’s Bride, just in case you like knights as much as you like dragon shifter heroes.

Until next time, I hope you have lots of good books to read.

All my best,

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4 thoughts on “Reader Letter for Firestorm Forever

  1. Oh Deb, as I tear up a bit I also understand. It has been my honor and deep pleasure to enjoy each and every book (well I’m almost caught up) in this incredible series. I have loved each man and his dragon and have enjoyed watching them fall at the altar of love. Hmm, now I have to get back in the mood for a little Medieval romance, can’t wait.


    • Oh, I don’t think you should be teary, Deb. There are lots more dragons just waiting for their stories to be told. I’m quite excited about the future of the Pyr!


  2. I’ve finished up Firestorm Forever, and I’m consoling myself with… “There are more Dragon Stories coming” I’ve really pleased with how everything turned out with the series. And also I didn’t mind that the book was longer, please feel free to write really long books in the future Deb!!

    p.s. Hi Deb (Haupt) 🙂 You need to get caught up asap!!


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