Big Green Fuzzy

I recently finished this sweater, just in time to pack it away for next fall. It was really cold here this winter, and I wanted a big fuzzy sweater. Now it’s done, just in time for spring weather.

The pattern is Paige from Rowan 52, which is knit holding three strands of KidSilk Haze together, each of a different colour. It’s colour-blocked in four sections. The original pattern is an over-sized pullover with a funnel neck and slits at the hem on the side seams. Rowan had a yarn available for the past several years called KidSilk Haze Trio, which was three strands of KSH in different colours twisted together. (The yarn link goes to Ravelry, because Rowan has removed the yarn from their site.) I figured it would be exactly the same—plus KSH Trio is discontinued, which meant it was on sale. Even better!

The three colours of KSH that should be held together for the green part of Paige are Jelly, Fern and Ember (which is discontinued, too.) It looks like the three colours twisted together in KSH Trio’s Fern colourway are Jelly, Fern and Ember. Ha. So, the plan was that my Paige would be solid green. I figured it would look a lot like Wonder, one of the patterns in the KSH Trio book, but with a more manageable neckline. (That’s a Rav link too.)

I finished the sweater in March, and had my doubts about the front being shorter than the back. When I tried it on, the wool itched on my throat, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to wear it against my skin. Since it was so warm, it didn’t make sense to use it as a layering piece, either – in fact, it was so warm that I wasn’t sure I’d wear it at all. I could have steeked the front, but instead took the opportunity to reknit the fronts the same length as the back, as well as making it a cardi.

Here’s the result.

a variaton of Paige in KSH Trio knitted by Deborah CookeIt is huge and it is fuzzy. I like wearing it open, which means the collar flops down, like a shirt collar, but also means that it’s not quite so very hot. I think I’ll wear it a lot next winter. What do you think?

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