New Socks

It’s Friday again, and time to show off some knitting.

Socks knit by Deborah CookeHere’s a new pair of socks I just finished for Mr. Math. The yarn is Briggs & Little Tuffy – I bought the grey, which is called Smoke, and used up the blue (Blue Jeans) from the ends in my stash. You can see that I miscalculated a little and didn’t quite have the same amount of blue for the left sock. That’s why it has a bit more grey on the toe. There wasn’t a pattern for these – I just cast on and knit. The yarn does want to felt a little over time (because I don’t hand wash socks) so the ribbing ensures that the socks maintain some stretchiness.

Briggs & Little is an old Canadian mill, located in the Maritimes. I like their sock wool a lot. It’s tough and wears well, plus it has character. Mr. Math was pretty glad to see these come off the needles, given how cold it is here right now. They went straight onto his feet!

I’m determined to use up the bits and ends of Tuffy in my stash, so there’s another thick sock on my needles now. What do you think?

10 thoughts on “New Socks

  1. I went and bought ‘wool’ socks for my hubby because they are what he thinks keeps his feet warm. They don’t have 100% socks anymore. Are these 100% wool? And they are lovely. Mr. Math would wear these proud, I am sure!


  2. Your socks are beautiful! I’ve just bought some Tuffy, and am wondering if you would be kind enough to share how many stitches you used, and what size needles. Many thanks!


    • Hi Karen – I love knitting socks from Tuffy! Recently, I posted my basic sock pattern for my niece (who is embarking on the sock knitting adventure). In my second post, Basic Sock Variations, you’ll find more about how I knit socks for Mr. Math in Tuffy. When I knit them for myself, I cast on the same way and just make the leg a little shorter, then the foot a little shorter. But then, I really hate tight socks. Good luck with your socks!


      • That’s so very kind – thank you! I`ve knit with the B&L Durasport before and really like it, but my son wants heavy socks for his boots. Can`t wait to get started:) Thanks again, Karen


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