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Those of you who follow me on Facebook already know that I’m living in the House of Flu. Mr. Math became sick with it about a week ago, which (perhaps predictably) meant that I came down with the flu in the middle of last week. Neither of us are back to normal yet (ugh) although there has been some improvement. The New Girl is bouncing off the walls, missing all her big walks (but I think she likes hanging out in the bedroom when one or both of us head back to bed.)

All of this would be just TMI, except it’s forced me to change my travel plans. I’ve lost a week of writing and will probably lose most of another, so I’ve cancelled out of the Coastal Magic readers’ conference at the beginning of February. The schedule was tight for Firestorm Forever already, but my being sick made it tighter. In order to get the book done on time, I need to stay home and write.

I’ll miss seeing all of you who are booked to attend, but I’m pretty sure you’d all rather have Sloane’s book in March!

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