Colourspun Skye

A few years ago, I saw a men’s vest pattern in a Rowan Magazine and really liked it. I didn’t rush out to order the yarn, and by the time I thought I might knit it, two of the colours required for the pattern had been discontinued. I figured that vest wasn’t meant to be. But a little while ago, I noticed that there were a few balls of those very same discontinued colours available at an online store. I ordered them up, and because I really like this yarn, I cast on the vest despite having so many other projects on my needles.

Here’s the completed back:Skye vest by Martin Storey in Rowan Colourspun, knit by Deborah CookeThe pattern is called Skye and it was designed by Brandon Mably. I seem to knit a lot of Brandon Mably designs for Mr. Math. The yarn is called Colourspun, and it’s a very soft yarn. It’s the same yarn used in my Icicle Mitts. The discontinued colours are the red and the brown – all of the colours have long variegations, so it looks as if there are more than four colours used. (Red, brown, green, then beige for the grid.) They also shade into each other at some points, which I like a lot. I think it’s going to be pretty warm, giving that the beige wool is carried across the back of each square. (You can see that at the top, where it’s curled back a bit.) Mr. Math likes it a lot, though, so I’m sure he’ll wear it.

What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Colourspun Skye

  1. Awesome! I haven’t knitted in sooooooo long (now that I’m in Florida, it’s too hot for the things I like to knit.) Did you have to block that or did it come off your needles that perfect? Love it.


  2. Grrr My replies aren’t posting again. Okay I’ll try one more time
    I love the vest Deb the muted colors remind me of a Scottish mist
    how’s that for poetic, I hope this comes through I noticed the last several didn’t


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