Friday Fair Isle

I haven’t posted much about knitting lately, for two reasons: first, there’s been a lot of book news and I know you’re more interested in that, and secondly, I haven’t finished many projects this summer. I’ve been knitting a lot of stranded colourwork and fair isle, and that’s time consuming – though I love the results.

Here’s one that’s on my needles right now:

Roan, a design by Martin Storey, knitted in Kauni Effektgarn by Deborah CookeThis pattern is from the latest Rowan magazine, #56, and is called Roan. You can see the sweater as designed, right here on the Rowan site. It’s a kimono style sweater and is knit in heavier yarn than the one I’m using. This yarn is Kauni Effektgarn, a yarn I love because of the way it gradually changes colour. This is the teal colourway and the pink/purple colourway. I had to recalculate things to ensure that the sweater fits – I’ll be getting more stitches per inch in both directions – so I’m knitting by the directions for the large size to get a sweater slightly smaller than a medium. I’ll need to add more repeats of the Celtic knot to get the length, too.

What do you think? I just love it!

5 thoughts on “Friday Fair Isle

  1. Wow! I cannot imagine trying to comply with both size and pattern and shading! Of course, I am still struggling with knit vs. purl, lol. That looks stunning, I salute your dexterity and your tenacity!


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