We’ve done a couple of road trips lately, and in my universe, road trips mean sock knitting. I started this pair of socks for myself last year, and they’ve been stalled for a while. I finished them on the way to Lori Foster’s RAGT in Ohio, and now I have new socks! I also knit the first sock of another pair, although there’s no telling when the socks will be done. (We have no road trips planned right now.)

Here are the new socks:

bluesocksThe yarn is a self-striping sock yarn called Lang Jawoll Color Aktion (yup, another German sock yarn) and it came with the dyed-to-match spool of reinforcement yarn. I used it in the heels and toes, as usual, but since my socks always wear out under the ball of the foot, I also wove some in there after the socks were done. We’ll see how that works out. The pattern  is my usual one – if it was ever in a book, I forget where. I bought this yarn on a stash enhancement day with Pam, the last time RWA National was in Dallas. I forget the name of the shop, but it was very cute.

It turns out that the new girl is a great liberator of knitting wool and knitted items. She doesn’t chew them or even lick them – she just relocates them. These socks have some miles on them already, and I haven’t even worn them yet!

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