Knitting Mittens

Well, it’s Friday, and that means it’s time to talk about knitting.

When things are really busy, knitting helps me to organize my thoughts. I don’t think directly about anything, but just knit along and To Do lists organize themselves in my mind, like magic. This is a wonderful and useful thing, and you can believe that with the publication of Thorolf’s book last week, I’ve been knitting a lot.

This trick works best when I knit a familiar pattern, so invariably, very busy periods of my life lead me back to a basic mitten pattern. It’s a free Patons pattern that I was given when I first learned to follow a pattern. My copy has been folded and refolded so many times that Mr. Math ran me a few copies of it before it disintegrated forever. It provides basic mitten instructions in worsted weight yarn, with variations for a number of sizes, all on a single 6 by 9 sheet of paper.

I have modified the pattern slightly over the years. It’s designed to be knit on two needles, then seamed up the outside of the hand. I don’t like seaming much, so I now knit these in the round. This free pattern from Coats looks like an updated version of mine, with the addition of a hat. They’ve made the change to knitting in the round, as well. I also knit the mitts for charity, building up a bag of them to give away each fall. I usually buy some new yarns to try them out, then use up odds and ends from my stash. Changing the yarns and using stripes makes them more interesting to knit.

This year, I tried a yarn from Bernat called Mosaic. It looks a bit like Noro Kureyon, but is acrylic so it feels different. It’s actually been discontinued now. Although it’s an aran weight, I still used the same pattern and needles. They’re just thicker mitts.

These first mittens are in the colourway Calypso. I bought two balls, and got three matching pairs.mosaic2Here are the stripey ones with the leftovers, mixed with some Bernat Satin. There are also two pair here of odds and ends of Patons SWS from my stash, a wool and soy blend that self-stripes. I have another pair in the same colourway as the pink ones on the right that are nearly done. SWS is also discontinued (even stash ages!) so here’s a Ravelry link for SWS.mitts3And here are another three pair in Bernat Mosaic, in the Aura colourway. I’m down to bits of this now, so will make some stripey mitts with the leftovers. mosaicmitts

What do you do to organize your thoughts? If you knit, do you have a pattern you return to, over and over again? Do you knit for charity?

6 thoughts on “Knitting Mittens

  1. How cute are they. Oh and Deb look what happens when I add your website to my daily feed. Yes that’s right I look at it 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. They are all lovely Deb. To organize my thoughts I write lists. Being a personal assistant to 3 Managers, most of the time I need to rely on good memory skills. But lists help me keep on top of everything. I am getting there on my own knitting, the scarf is coming along nicely. I might even get it finished before winter is over!! 🙂


  3. So many warm fingers!! Yes, I enjoy knitting for charity, usually for Wool-Aid.I use lists and sometimes index cards to organize my thoughts. Sometimes I use an online reminder, but usually go old-school.


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