Double Trouble, book #2 in the Coxwell Series of contemporary romances, by Deborah CookeThere are two shout-outs today for Double Trouble, at its discounted price of 99 cents at some portals (B&N) and free at others (Amazon in most markets, Apple and Kobo). This sale price only lasts until the 30th.

Here’s the first mention in today’s Digital Book World.

And here’s the second, in today’s Kindle Books & Tips.

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2 thoughts on “Shout-Outs

  1. Thanks for this Deb, very useful links to have!! I’ve signed up for the newsletter, even though I don’t have a kindle most times the bargains are on Kobo as well. (Also picked up Double Trouble!)
    And you’ll be pleased to know I recently learnt to knit “YAY ME” can’t say I’m great at it, and I’m starting off knitting a scarf in just basic knitting but hey better than nothing, my Mum says I knit way to tightly I didn’t know that could be a bad thing!!


  2. Deb thanks for the links I’m on em, I don’t have a Kindle but I did download the Kindle app to my nook HD, shhhhhh 🙂 don’t tell B&N
    ps Ang congrats on your new hobby YAY YOU!!


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