New Vest

And finally some knitting to share!


This is a long vest with a cable on either side of the front opening. It’s quite boxy, so these end up being short sleeves. It’s not nearly this vivid a pink, but that’s courtesy of the flash. The design is Alexis from the pattern book Rowan Colourscape Folk. The yarn should be Colourscape Chunky, but this yarn is Texere Olympia in the colourway Eros. I’d read on Ravelry that the Texere yarn was very similar and it is – in fact, it’s indistinguishable to me from Colourscape Chunky and is much cheaper. Colourscape Chunky has also been discontinued recently and is becoming hard to find.

I like this yarn a lot, both because of the vibrant colours and because it’s got a nice rustic feel to it. The colourways for Rowan’s Colourscape Chunky were designed by Kaffe Fassett and I’m a sucker for the way he plays with colour. There are definite similarities with Noro yarns in that this one is a single ply, loosely spun, and still remembers the barn. It softens and fulls considerably when the finished garment is washed and blocked. It’s also unpredictable a bit in the colourway progression – I had thought after casting on the left front that I should frog it back and start in the red, so it would match the right front. You can see that wouldn’t have worked. The pink band after the red and before the mauve-flicky bit is much broader – the section was much longer in that other skein. The right front, in contrast, has a broader red band before the green-flicky bit. It would never have matched, even if I’d tried.

I knit the vest 2″ shorter than it was supposed to be, because I’m not nearly as tall as the model in the book. Also, I wanted it very loose, so cast on the large and decreased to the medium above the waist so my shoulders weren’t lost in fabric. It worked out well, although I could have begun the decreases sooner and spread them out more.

Here’s the back:


This is where I made my big modification. I added that double cable up the back – the pattern has a plain back. It’s 11 stitches wide – P1, K4, P1, K4, P1, the K4’s becoming the cables – and does pull the fabric in a bit. I also widened it into a V at the top, so the cables on the back would line up with the cables on the front at the shoulder seam. This picture (without the flash) makes the colour look more red than it is, but it’s been raining too much outside to take pictures there.

Overall, I’m very happy with the vest. It’s warm and the colours are cheerful. It was a pretty quick knit, given the thickness of the yarn. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “New Vest

    • Exactly my thinking, Diana. This winter was a very dark one for me, so I wanted something relentlessly cheerful for next year. This should do the trick — along with the other fiery treat I bought myself. More on that this Friday!


  1. Just love the pinks im a pink girl and its very cheerful its one of thoses item’s of clothing that makes you feel good when u go out and even better because you make it your self!! Great knitting! !


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