You might remember that the three Norns have cameo appearances in my Dragon Diaries YA trilogy. While I was writing that series, I saw a trio of shawl patterns saluting the three Wyrd sisters, and knew I had to knit them. I’ve just finished the first one. It’s called Verdandi – she’s the sister in charge of what is. She’s the first sister to appear in my series of books and turns up in Flying Blind, where she was knitting snowdrifts.

Here’s the shawl:


And here’s a detail shot of the tip:

The yarn is Fleece Artist Nyoni, which I love to bits, and I used 700m of it. I cast off in Knitpicks Palette in Bark because I ran out of the Nyoni. There are beads added to the hem, plus I made the shawl bigger by adding repeats of the charts. It’s 39″ down the spine of the shawl. I’m not sure how to measure the wings, but they’re big. The design is intended to evoke the leaves on the world tree Yggdrasil – here’s a link to the designer’s website page for this pattern.

I’m quite pleased with this shawl. The pattern was easy to follow, too.

What do you think?

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