The Noro Cardigan

Well, I finally finished the reknitting of the sleeves on my stripey Noro cardigan. As you might remember, I had to reknit the sleeves. While that might have gone fairly quickly, there was a necessary period of mourning – I had to chuck it in the corner and sulk about the frogging and reknitting for a few weeks before I could actually do it.

Finally, I’d brooded enough and just did it.

This week, I’ve been seaming it up and even though that’s not quite done, I’ll show it to you today.


I’m still not entirely thrilled about the sleeves, which is why I haven’t finished the seaming. (It also hasn’t been blocked yet.) Where it changes from dark blue to light blue at the top of the sleeves, there are a number of decreases to shape the sleeves. Now that it’s assembled, I’m wondering if there are too many too soon. On the other hand, if I decrease more slowly, I could end up with a lot of fabric (like a dolman sleeve) around the underarm and that bulk wouldn’t be welcome. I’ll have to baste the sleeves and try it on to be sure.

Fingers crossed that it looks good, because I really don’t want to knit the sleeves again.

What do you think?

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