New Socks

I haven’t shown you any knitting for a while, but today, that changes. I’ve finished a shawl, but it needs to be blocked. I’m not sure how I’ll manage that with the house at sixes and sevens, but maybe I’ll manage it before next Friday. I’ve finished the knitting of a cowl and it’s been waiting to have its buttons sewn on. I started to sew together a sweater that’s been patiently awaiting my attention, only to discover that my suspicions about the sleeves were right – they’re too long and too narrow. (Clearly, there’s a sleeve troll loose in my knitting projects. Remember that I had to frog the sleeves on my Stripey Noro sweater, too. Until recently, I didn’t even know there was a sleeve troll, but you learn something new all the time.)

I did finish this pair of socks – and they’re purple, too. Ta da!


Have you finished any knitting lately? I need to finish some more projects before I cast on anything new…

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