The Artists’ Way – Week Six

I haven’t been posting much about my journey through TAW this time, mostly because I’m not loving it as much as usual. It seems that my being in a happy upbeat place is affecting results – TAW has worked better for me when I’ve been in a creative doldrums. Also, this particular book (Finding Water) focuses on working through a rough spot creatively and follows such a period in the author, Julia Cameron’s, world. I can see that theoretically it could be uplifting to read that her use of the TAW tools helped her to get through this phase, but it’s not working out that way for me. Instead, I find it a bit depressing to discover that those periods never completely vanish from the artist’s life – or at least not from JC’s life. So, I haven’t been quite so diligent about my exercises this time through.

I have, however, been going on my Artist Dates, and this week, we made a roadtrip to visit the goats.

It was time to go to Wellington Fibres, where they raise mohair goats and make yarn out of their fleece. (And yes, I forgot to take my camera. Argh!) This is a trip I like to make each year, but we’ve never been to the farm when the kids were so very young. They were soooooooooo cute! Some were as much as ten days old, and they were bouncing around, climbing on whatever they could (including their moms), and just as curious as could be. They’re almost like puppies, white and clumsy, with little short tails that wag when they’re happy. They also liked to escape from the pens in the barn – the resident dog has the job of cornering them so they can be put back into the pen with their moms.

A pair of twins had been born just several hours before we arrived and one was nipping at her mom’s throat and underside, looking for milk. She found the teat while we were in the barn, gave a bleat of joy and locked on, her tail wagging like crazy. Mom was busy cleaning the other kid. From what I understand, mohair goats tend to have twins, so at WF, there were kids everywhere.

These goats have the most amazing eyes – and they look right into your eyes, as if they can read your thoughts. They’re curious, too.

Their fleece is gorgeous too. Silky soft with a glorious sheen, and it takes colour brilliantly. The shop at WF is like an Aladdin’s Cave, filled with yarns of all different weights and blends of mohair, dyed to wonderful rich colours. Of course, I brought some home – even though I have no shortage of stash.

If ever I was going to have a farm, I’d have mohair goats. No contest.

Have you taken any wonderful field trips lately? Visited any baby goats?

If you had a farm, what kind of critters would you like to raise?