Undine Shawl

Here’s another of my knitting patterns, now available for free download.


It’s a triangular shawl, knit in garter stitch, with a ruffled edge. That edge has a picot border. it’s also knitted sideways, which makes for fun stripes in self-striping yarn. You can make this shawl in any size – basically, you follow the directions to increase the width of the shawl until half your yarn is gone. Then you use the directions to decrease down to the other point.

I used Noro Kureyon Sock for mine. This is two balls-worth and it’s a pretty good sized shawl. Something about the colours and that ruffley picot edge made me think of mermaids and seaweed, thus the name.

The pattern is on Ravelry right HERE.

3 thoughts on “Undine Shawl

  1. C’mon, you did something more than random knitting to make sure that stripe was centered in the back and everything came out even, didn’t you?


    • Actually, the first ball of Noro was perfect, not a knot in the whole length of it. I knit the first half of the shawl, ending with the bright pink. The second ball appeared to have the same repeat – I started from the centre to reverse the repeat, thinking this would be easy peasy. But no, the second ball had FIVE knots, and chunks of repeat missing. It was an ugly process – lots of winding and rewinding – but I’m pretty happy with the result. (Even if it’s not PERFECTLY symmetrical. I added in a bit two much green and pushed the repeat off so there’s no pink on the second tip. Oh well.)


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