New Issue of VK

I picked up the fall issue of Vogue Knitting this week. It’s got a lot of great patterns in it this time.

Have a look!

And I couldn’t resist. I bought enough KidSilk Haze to knit the lace circular jacket – it’s shown in navy, right under the words Ethereal Girl. (I bought Trance, which is a gorgeous tealy blue green. Yum!)

This pattern is very similar to one that was in the spring issue of Rowan magazine last year (#45) called Honeysuckle by Sarah Hatton. That one, though, was really large, more like a coat. It also had seven sections instead of five, which maybe made it more full. Although it was lovely, I wasn’t sure I’d wear it. This shorter cardi version I can imagine myself wearing a lot.

Plus I’m feeling the need to knit LACE right now, in a very big way. I’ve been matching my stash with patterns, and I think this is going to be a lacey winter. Anyone want to join me in a lace KAL? We could finish up some wips and begin on September 1.

What do you think?

8 thoughts on “New Issue of VK

  1. Is it a fall thing? I’ve been itching to start a new project this last week. Been looking at patterns and mulling over the stash.

    I have a kid sized afghan to finish first. I promised a co-worker’s daughter one after I made a Spiderman afghan for her brother. Must deliver on promises.

    But my hands are getting itchy. LIke I need any more projects.


    • It must be fall, time for new beginnings and all that. I want to cast on about six things, without finishing anything that’s already on the needles.



  2. I’m in! I have a toddler and a 9 month old so I rarely find time to knit, but if I’m doing it in a group, I might get something done! : )


    • Cat – You’ll have to find the current issue of VK, probably on a newsstand or bookstore near you.

      btw, VK puts a lot of charts on their website instead of in the magazine. Two of the charts for this cardi are right here:

      As much as I love VK, this practice really ticks me off, but that’s a whole ‘nuther rant.

      Suzanne – I am in awe of anyone with little people (or kittens) who gets ANY knitting done!



    • johanna – You could email them or look in the forums on Ravelry, if you’re a member there. (It’s free.) I have a feeling that there’s a company in the UK that does European fulfillment for VK. There’s also another magazine in Europe which has a different title (Designer Knitting, maybe) but is published by VK and which is very similar to the US edition. (Like Verena Knitting and Verena Strikken.)



  3. Lol! They certainly are a handful, yes!

    I used to knit all the time, but now when I have hands-free time, I usually end up doing other things. I really love to knit though, and this gives me an excuse (I have to finish; I’m in a knit-a-long, haha : )


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