New EPUB Editions

This winter, I decided to have my digital files professionally formatted, so that they would be prettier than ever.

As the number of devices multiplied – and the generations in use of each specific device increased – it was becoming harder to ensure that the book looked good for every reader. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all, and had several persistent issues that I couldn’t solve. For example, the Smashwords Meatgrinder consistently eliminated the table of contents for each individual book in every one of my boxed sets. I was only able to link to the books, not the chapters within them. Pam Headrick at A Thirsty Mind has done a great job with solving that issue, along with a zillion other tweaks.

The first book file completed by Pam is The Jewels of Kinfairlie Boxed Set. It looks wonderful – I LOVE the dropped caps at the beginning of each chapter! It’s been uploaded to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, KOBO, Apple, and the new EPUB has been uploaded to Smashwords. (Note that if you buy the MOBI format from Smashwords, it will not be the newly formatted file but still the previous one. Similarly, because of All Romance eBooks’ maximum file size, the new boxed sets will not be uploaded there. They’re just too big. We’ll talk some more about formatting and its evolving challenges tomorrow, on Wild West Thursday.)

On these portals, the new JoK should be available for purchase now or very shortly. If you’ve previously purchased the book, your portal of choice may automatically deliver the new version to you. If not, you can request it from them.

I’ll tell you about each new edition as it’s uploaded. We’re starting off the new year with prettier books!

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