Harmonia’s Kiss Cover

Well, NAL has decided to put a cover on my digital short story, Harmonia’s Kiss. The original edition had the e-Specials logo with a picture of me. This one – at least in my opinion! – is much better! Have a peek:

The content is the same. It’s still a short story about the Dragon’s Teeth Warriors, available only in digital format.

22 thoughts on “Harmonia’s Kiss Cover

  1. I have a love of everything dragon-perhaps it is the mystique of their beauty or their size or their ability -but I love me some dragon.

    hmmm, I haven’t read Harmonia’s Kiss-interesting !!!!

  2. I LOVE your Dragonfire series. It is SO hard to wait for the next book to come out. I get immersed in the stories. I would love to win the Dragon tooth warriors stories. I’m jonesing for a fix of some Dragon living and loving!!!

  3. Your books about these dragons takes me from this reality and into theirs. I am able to put the day to day issues aside and relax . There is something about dragons that are mystical and you have a way with words that brings out the bad boys in each and everyone of them.

  4. I would love some dragons in my TBR pile…dragons are delightful and quite enjoyable to read especially when they finally meet their match in their mate(s). :-)

  5. I love your dragons, they are hot & sexy and keep you reading, even when you need to go to sleep. I also loved the YA trilogy. Thanks for the giveaway. & keep this series coming.

  6. I love the new cover for this!! The story is fantastic as well. I can’t wait to read all the other novellas in one book. :)

  7. I absolutely love all of your Dragon books!! I have them in paperback and am now adding them to my ereader – In case I need a dragon fix!! The Dragon Legion series has been great! And I would love a copy! The new cover for Harmonia’s Kiss is great!!

  8. I love your books! I’m new to the Dragon books , but can hardly wait to start!

  9. Each time I open one of these novels I fall head over heels in love with a Dragon Shifter. I love this cover and it makes me pine to read about the dragon shifters that were pulled from the past. I want to know them and fall head over heels again.

  10. I love all things dragon. I have all my life. Any book or movie as a child got my attention. I am more discriminating in my taste now. I read all of your books and love your dragons best.

  11. I love to read all kinds of books, but the ones I love the most are paranormal romances. I love the romances between the human and supernatural. But the ones I love the most are the ones who turn into dragons because they are so big and strong. I love all of your books.

  12. I love dragons period. They are strong, fierce, and fascinating. They always great guardians of treasure. They are giving a bad rap just because, in the scenario of guarding the princess, they are made to look like villains. I need stories that they are heroes instead of being only villains.

  13. not only do i need but i crave dragons. haha as a little far fetch as that sounds its always been an obsession of mine which is why i love your series and why i enjoyed Rox’s story

  14. I love the Dragon Fire, Dragon Legion & The Dragon Diaries series I just love reading your books because I know from the time I hold it in my hot little hand I am in for a great read <3

  15. I think dragon shifters are the sexiest males in this or any universe. I crack up when I read any of the dragon stories by Katie MacAlister or G.A. Aiken, and find your dragons to be sexy, funny, and true to their one true mate.

  16. There is always something that keeps me turning the page. My house is a mix of different styles of dragon, but your stories show me why that might be since everyone of your dragons are uniquely their own personality. The women that choose to stay with them are as well with their ability to keep these dominant characters grounded. Magic in the making always.

  17. OMG I am addicted to your dragon novels. I’ve even got a few people converted. I Truly love your books.

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