December Readers’ Contest

Christmas is coming, and it’s time for another reader contest here at the blog. This month’s prize is a signed trade paperback copy of THE SNOW WHITE BRIDE. It’s a festive choice for December – this book is set at Kinfairlie at Christmas.

All you have to do is comment on this post for a chance to win. What’s your favorite thing about the holidays?

29 thoughts on “December Readers’ Contest

  1. My favorite is all the festive lights in the snow. I’m hoping to visit one of the local festivals of lights, I am very close to Greenfield Village, for example.

  2. I think the best thing of the holidays is sharing. You take so much time buying the right things and cooking the right foods, and the happiness and satisfaction on their faces is well worth it! Plus..I like it colder to snuggle. We have lots of blankets on the couch to snuggle with..and my daughter and husband and me all love snuggling!

  3. My favorite thing about the holidays is spending time with family, watching my kids light up when they see the Christmas decorations and all the romance movies that come on this time of year. But really I love every part of it.

  4. My favorite thing about the Holidays is the way that people get about the Holidays. It is magical.

  5. My favorite thing about the holidays is getting all my family together and exploding. I am having to move my big screen into the larger family room so it will hold everyone and the raucous hillarity that ensues.

  6. My favorite thing about the holidays is soaking in the love that is shared when my family are all together. I can truly feel it in the air.

  7. My favorite part of Christmas is going to the candlelight service on Christmas Eve with my family, then getting together on Christmas for dinner.

  8. My favorite thing about the holiday’s is gathering around with your family. Not just your blood relatives but your friends. The people who know you best. I enjoy sitting around the table eating some cake, drinking some hot coco and talking about child hood memories. All the laughter and joy that come from those memories. It makes the holidays even more special.

  9. I love seeing Christmas trees and other decorations, bringing out all my Christmas stuffed animals and snowmen, making pizzelles ( favorite Italian cookies), and enjoying the wonderful feeling that bubbles up in me during this holiday season. Oh, and singing. I love singing carols and secular Christmas songs. It’s the whole package! :-)

  10. It’s the turkey dinners… I’m only half kidding because it’s the only time I ever have turkey dinner in my household. But the real reason is that I love the first snow up in the mountains and being with friends and family.

  11. I love celebrating Christ’s birth. I love that we give gifts to our loved ones as the Magi gave gifts to our baby Jesus.

  12. So much to love about the holidays that it’s hard to know where to begin. I love the crackle of a fire as temperatures finally dip lower in the south. I love snuggling into my favorite chair with a nice cup of hot tea or spiced apple cider and watching old favorites like It’s a Wonderful Life or White Christmas. I love placing special handmade treasures from family and friends upon the Christmas tree. (My favorites are the ones that my children made when they were small, but I also love the intricate, glittery lace snowflakes and angels that were given to me to hold dear for future generations.) I love how the soft glow of candlelight on Christmas Eve makes everything seem more holy and sacred. I’m filled with quiet joy as I watch my small kindergarten class share “A Walk to Bethlehem” for our school chapel. (I recall every little face that was ever a donkey, angel #2, Mary, Joseph, and all the rest.) As my children are all in HS this year, I’m particularly thankful for the time we have together as a family. And, I’m also happy that my family is not sick, injured, or in the hospital. (Every year I have to spend with my family is such a gift. I have a son who had a stroke as an infant and is severely and profoundly disabled. Last year, I was afraid he might not make it to Christmas. This year, we have our first ever “official” family picture on our Christmas card and I hope to make the most of every moment we have together.) During the holidays, I love that people usually take a few moments to reflect on tradition and what is good and joyful and try to hold those things as precious and dear. I’m especially blessed to feel the love of friends and family around me for Christmas 2012. May you find joy in your holiday this year.

    • Congratulations to Tracy, who won this month’s contest! Tracy, please look for an email from me. Everyone else, thanks for entering! I’ll be closing this post for comments now.

      Happy new year everyone – it’s time for a new contest for January!

  13. My favorite part of the holidays are the traditions each family has and how you add to them as your family grows. Being together is what its all about.

  14. My favorite thing of the season is the smells of everything-the burning fireplace logs, the baked goodies, the pine trees, the cinnamon candles and the clearness of the air. Love it.

  15. Some of the best things about a New Zealand Christmas is the beautiful hot weather, the amazing food, and of course the exemplary company. The whole week leading up to the 25th you can smelll BBQs in the warm breeze and on Christmas Day you can enjoy the summer sun caressing your face as you spend the day with your family on the back porch with carols spilling through the wide open french doors.

  16. We celebrate the birth of the Christ child with family and friends. Of course the festivities always include way to many calories and groans from glutony.

  17. My favorite thing about Christmas is the happiness that everyone tries so hard to spread. The Spirit is so strong because people strive to be more forgiving and kinder. I love the music as well!!! What a better way to lighten the mood than with music.

  18. This is the first time I have read a historical romance by Claire, I have recently read Deborah Cooke and love them. Looking forward to the Historical books.

  19. My favorite part of the Holiday is having my grand childern over and we all sit at the table for breakfast and talk real loud and laugh and have a really good time.

  20. Love spending time with my family and decorating the house with Christmas cheer. This is the one time of the year that I go all out with baking special cookies for family, friends and co-workers to enjoy. Christmas brings everyone closer and I wish that to be carried over throughout the year not just once a year.

  21. My favorite part of the holidays is spending time with family and friends, taking time off of work, and lots of good food and memories sharing time honored rituals.

  22. I love that we have a break for the holidays which means time with my family and, hopefully, going out somewhere fun which invariably leads to great memories!

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