Blog Around the World

I feel as if I have my big blog walking shoes on this week! Today, I’m off to visit with Mad at her blog for RRAH. It’s here, and you’ll never guess what I’ll be blogging about. (Hint – it’s a book, written by me, that went on sale yesterday. You can read about it here.)

You won’t guess what the doorprize is, either, I’ll bet.

Ha ha! Stop by and comment for the chance to win a book!

4 thoughts on “Blog Around the World

  1. Please tell me an Amazon Kindle version of Kiss of Fury will be out soon! Loved Kiss of Fire and have been anxiously awaiting this new book!


  2. Hi Jeanne –

    I don’t know about the timing of the Kindle edition. It’s such a new thing and I don’t have it figured out yet. For KISS OF FIRE, it was available pretty quickly and I only found out when I saw it for sale on I’ll bet it’s the same this time – maybe by next week(?)


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